Integrated Ecommerce
for Salesforce Environments

What is TM

storeConnect is a full-featured and 100% customisable ecommerce platform
with full product management, pricing, discounts and all
customer information stored and managed in Salesforce.

100% customisable

storeConnect is a 100% customisable, fully integrated Salesforce ecommerce solution based on Heroku.

It provides customers with the unique ability to implement an online store within weeks of launch, managed from Sales Cloud with all customer, product and order data sync'd automatically with Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud.

Intelligent Licensing

Unlike other e-commerce SaaS solutions, we believe you should be able to keep your custom development investment. Therefore, your annual license fee to storeConnect gives you a year of 24x7 support, security and system upgrades.

If you don't renew your license, you can keep the version of the code you are running for as long as you like.

24x7 Support & Ongoing Maintenance

The annual storeConnect licensing fee provides 24x7, follow the sun support for the storeConnect system.

Your licensing fee also covers periodic security and system updates with the frequency of these updates depending on the licence tier purchased.

A fully integrated & customisable
ecommerce solution for Salesforce

storeConnect enables a true Single Customer View

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Salesforce + Heroku
ecommerce solution

storeConnect is reinteractive’s fully integrated Salesforce e‑commerce solution providing a true Single Customer View. Our fully customisable system is cost-effective for start ups, SMB, Mid-Market and General Business companies and can be fully tailored to meet any requirements.

Unlike other ecommerce offerings, storeConnect is built on Heroku, with open source tools allowing the user to add any functionality they need directly to the code base. They can maintain control of their development.

All customers, products, taxon and orders are controlled directly from the client's Salesforce environment, immediately synchronised and providing a true Single Customer View.


• A fully integrated connection with your Salesforce environment.

• Seamless data synchronisation to Salesforce Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Community Cloud and more.

• View and modify key ecommerce products within your Salesforce environment.

storeConnect Features

Completely Customisable Design

The default installation comes with a clean, 100% mobile responsive design out of the box that can have a simple logo and colour scheme applied to make it unique. Full design customisation is available and implemented at a fixed price quoted to the customer.

Multiple Store Fronts

storeConnect can be configured to allow multiple store fronts running on the same storeConnect instance. Providing you with a cost effective way to display multiple branding options or price variants on different domain names servicing different regions or customer groups.

Custom/Multiple Price Books

Pricing can be configured individually by user, by user group or through custom rules—all established in Salesforce by your non-technical staff. Allowing complete control of the user experience.

Single Customer View

storeConnect provides a single customer view of all transactions done through the online ecommerce store. Customer details are managed via Salesforce. Every purchase, order and abandoned cart is automatically synchronised to the corresponding Salesforce customer record and product, providing real time data on purchases.

Marketing Cloud Integration

Full Salesforce synchronisation means that complex Marketing Cloud rules can be setup, allowing for marketing campaigns to be triggered based on the customer behaviour on the online store, creating promotions, up-sells and follow on triggered marketing targeted per customer.

Service Cloud Integration

With customers purchasing items online, help-desks can leverage this data by having full information on the customers purchase history with the company, removing the need for your help desk team when asking questions about what products the customer has purchased.

Community Cloud Integration

storeConnect can synchronise data to communities, automatically signing up online store customers to Community Cloud and hooking them up to the relevant product and user forums, all automatically.

Full Product Management

All product details are fully managed through Salesforce. Product pricing, details, images, price books, variants, and availability are all handled via the client's Salesforce instance. Updating product details in Salesforce automatically updates storeConnect within seconds.

Payment Provider Integration

The setup fee includes full integration with Stripe or Braintree payments and supports more than 100 other payment providers, even allowing multiple payment gateways to be active at the same time (such as Paypal and Stripe)

Inventory & Stock Management

storeConnect allows for an unlimited number of physical or virtual stock locations. Clients can receive stock from suppliers directly into stock locations and also move stock from one stock location to another.

Complex Taxation Support

Full tax management is provided through tax categories, tax zones and tax rates allowing the customer to setup all relevant details for each product type and sales location.

Shipping Management

storeConnect provides multiple shipping options and allows the users to define different shipping prices and methods to each type of product.

Promotion Management

Promotions, discount codes and free shipping offers can be created and managed with storeConnect quickly and easily, providing start and end dates of the promotion, usage limits and rules around how each promotional code can be used or applied to different products.

Order Processing

storeConnect has an order processing flow where products are sold online and details captured. These can then be processed for sale and marked as shipped in the system, allowing end-to-end tracking of the transaction.

Content Management System

The storeConnect Content Management System allows customers to add and update static pages, banners, and promotions without developers. These pages are edited through a user-friendly administrative interface.

Custom 3rd Party Integrations

As storeConnect is a Heroku application, the client can purchase custom development to implement any integration with 3rd party systems directly into their online store and through storeConnect have full synchronisation with Salesforce.

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24/7 Maintenance & Support

Keeping a store online and secure is critical in the modern business world. Every storeConnect installation offers an annual support option to provide software version upgrades, security patches and 24x7 support.

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