Integrated Ecommerce
for Salesforce Environments

How works

A affordable ecommerce solution.
Connected and managed through Salesforce.

Single Customer View

The storeConnect ecommerce solution allows every customer sale to be instantly saved into your Salesforce® environment, giving you a seamless single customer view.

Completely Integrated

Customer activity is available within your Salesforce environment. All item views, purchases, abandoned carts and key interactions customers make on your store are accessible to your Salesforce Sales Cloud®, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud® and/or any other connected solutions.

Managed within Salesforce

The products on offer in your store, special pricing and all product information is managed directly from your Salesforce environment. This includes all prices, product images, shipping and discount information. This allows your non-technical staff to manage and update the online store.

A fully integrated
ecommerce solution for Salesforce

storeConnect enables a true Single Customer View

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Salesforce + Heroku
ecommerce solution

storeConnect is reinteractive’s fully integrated Salesforce e‑commerce solution providing a true Single Customer View. Our fully customisable system is cost-effective for start ups, SMB, Mid-Market and General Business companies and can be fully tailored to meet any requirements.

Unlike other ecommerce offerings, storeConnect is built on Heroku, with open source tools allowing the user to add any functionality they need directly to the code base. They can maintain control of their development.

All customers, products, taxon and orders are controlled directly from the client's Salesforce environment, immediately synchronised and providing a true Single Customer View.


• A fully integrated connection with your Salesforce environment.

• Seamless data synchronisation to Salesforce Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Community Cloud and more.

• View and modify key ecommerce products within your Salesforce environment.


storeConnect is a fully featured ecommerce solution that fully synchronises with Salesforce environments and is built on the Heroku® platform.

storeConnect allows companies to build, deliver, monitor and scale an affordable ecommerce solution that is managed within and instantly synchronises all information to your Salesforce environment. It’s the fastest way to get a Salesforce connected ecommerce solution from idea to URL.


• Full Salesforce Integration

• Single Customer View

• Manage products, pricing and details within Salesforce

• Mobile friendly design

• Develop your own additions, lifetime software licence to use

• Pay annually for support and upgrades for storeConnect

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24/7 Maintenance & Support

Keeping a store online and secure is critical in the modern business world. Every storeConnect installation offers an annual support option to provide software version upgrades, security patches and 24x7 support.

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